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Inspiration based designs

by Karla Piatt

About Karla Piatt 

Art is like the air we breathe. Through - warm glass and acrylic painting, I have found an avenue to express myself in ways I had never dreamed.

The process begins with full sheets of Bulls eye fusible glass. It is then free hand cut into desired shapes and hand ground. These in turn are used to develop unique designs inspired by the glass itself. Once the design is finalized, the glass is cleaned and covered in a layer of clear frit. The edges are cleaned to avoid sharp edges and then placed delicately in the kiln. Once all pieces have been set in place, pieces of clear fusible glass are placed at critical places to preserve the structural integrity of the art form while leaving as many open spaces within as possible. This is then fused to over 1400 degrees F. Once cooled, the edges are sanded or ground, as necessary, and the piece is re-fired to either Tack or Full Fuse temperatures to smooth the edges.

My goal with warm glass is to find a way to express myself through pushing the boundaries of technology - why do we need two layers of glass? How much open space is feasible? The answers to these and other questions have led me to some amazing creations. I have not yet reached my limit and continue to push to larger and more complex pieces.

 Please enjoy!